Stryngford Records has produced the CD album "WORDS THAT WON THE WAR", which consists of recordings of some of the most famous speeches during World War II (by Chamberlain, Churchill, de Gaulle and Roosevelt) with a background of newly composed music. The original intention with this album was to make an album that could be used as an educational tool for making teenagers interested in history and the spoken word. It has proved to work!

Cover design: Ricky Tillblad

Stryngford Records has been granted permission to use the original recordings of these speeches. Except for the speeches, there are two tracks with memories told by English citizens who experienced the war.

This CD has been designed for the British market, which also makes it appropriate for several other markets.

One purpose with this album, besides commemorating the anniversary of the peace, is to emphasize the importance of the spoken word, the power of words. This is why the title "WORDS THAT WON THE WAR" was chosen. If this album also can create some interest, especially among young people, to study the history of WWII, the album has not been made in vain. Some of the speeches presented on this album were very important to mobilize a defence for the open society and democracy. For this reason, we could have called the album WORDS THAT SAVED DEMOCRACY.

The music has been written by Martin Landquist and it is also produced by him and Stryngford Syntagma. Martin has worked with artists like A-ha, Emmylou Harris and The Cardigans. Stryngford Syntagma is a group of creative artists and producers from several European countries. The group was formed with the aim to produce music with broader purpose than just entertainment, e.g. to spread knowledge or with a charitable purpose.

In the album booklet, there are historical facts and brief articles about the background of all the speeches, written by a well known historian.

The album is, so far, only retailed in Sweden . It is sold by the web shop of the Red Cross, but also by book stores and book clubs.

Even though the album was designed for teenagers, it has gained appreciation from older people, as well. To our great satisfaction, the album has been bought by large corporations, government organisations and museums to be used as gifts to e.g. their employees. Many politicians, members of parliament, civil servants, diplomats - also within the EU Commission - and some professors, have sent us their appreciating comments.

International releases of the album will take place as soon as we have found licensees or distributors (or large customers or sponsors) for the various international markets.

Stryngford Records is also in the process of making a second album using some of the same speeches as on the existing album, but with new up-tempo music. Some of this music has already been released and become popular in countries all over the world, such as Poland , Germany , Greece , Italy , Russia and China .

Quotations from the following speeches have been used:

  1. Declaration of war (Chamberlain, broadcast September 3, 1939)
  2. We shall fight on the beaches (Churchill, June 4, 1940 in the House of Commons, during the Nazi invasion of France)
  3. Their finest hour (Churchill, June 18, 1940 in the House of Commons)
  4. To so few (Churchill, August 20, 1940 in the House of Commons, during the Battle of Britain)
  5. Hitler is a monster of wickedness (Churchill, June 22, 1941, broadcast on the same day that Hitler invaded Russia)
  6. Day of Infamy (Roosevelt, December 8, 1941 in the Congress, the day after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor)
  7. This is not the end (Churchill, November 10, 1942 at a lunch with Lord Mayor, Mansion House, London, after the battle of El Alamein)
  8. Libération de la France (de Gaulle, June 22, 1940 and June 6, 1944, D Day; both speeches were broadcast from London )
  9. This is your victory (Churchill, May 8, 1945, Victory in Europe Day, VE Day. Two speeches have been used: one in the House of Commons and one from the balcony of Ministry of Health, London ).

Stryngford Records All rights reserved 2005-2009 (c) Copyright Stryngford Records    



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